Boris Vasiliev

Smooth Talking Cut-purse Coin Thief




Boris is from the great capital city of Yarobay in Western Cimmera, a land of ice and snow on the northern sea. He grew up in what would be considered a middle class family. A mob family with ties to the underworld. His father was never around much so he spent most of his spare time in the frozen and unforgiving streets of the sprawling port. There he learned his larcenous craft. His family consists mainly, of the few friends that have stuck around over the years. Though he is no stranger to the inside of a cell, this time things went too far. This time the heist went bad. This time his family fell apart. A close friend and lawman gave Boris a writ for the university, a place far away. A place to hide and let this storm come to pass.

Boris Vasiliev

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